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    Gap-Type Tube Filter G1/2”
    Made in Germany

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Krone Gap-Type Tube Filter G1/2"

for the filtration of low and high-viscosity media

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  • Krone Gap-Type Tube Filter
Spaltrohrfilter / Spaltfilter

Krone Gap-Type Tube Filter

The medium to be cleaned flows into the housing via the filter inlet and flows through the gap-type tube from the outside inwards. All impurities in the medium that are larger than the gap width are retained on the gap-type tube surface. The coarser dirt particles either fall down into the lower part of the housing or form a filter cake on the outside of the gap-type tube.

Dirt scraping
By using a geared motor, the gap-type tube surface is moved past a fixed scraper and the filter cake is scraped off. The filter cake sinks inside the housing and can be removed as required through the sludge drainage.

For easy disposal of filtered solids, a drying unit can be installed downstream.

Operating principle

When it comes to increasing the service life of machining or process fluids, automatic filters such as Profluid or gapfilters are a truly expert choice.

They are suitable for the filtration of low and high-viscosity media, making it possible to use them in almost every industrial sector. Gapfilters can be cleaned by mechanical means during operation. Profluid is an automatically cleanable filter system with a design based on gap-type tube technology.

Its combined cleaning principle of backwashing plus mechanical scraping makes it particularly efficient for filtration applications where a wide variety of types and sizes of particles are to be filtered from a fluid. Its mode of action has proven to be highly efficient at required gap widths below 100 μm.

Advantages of a Krone Gap-Type Filter

  • easy to maintain
  • long service life
  • can be cleaned during operation
  • works without filter aids, thereby eliminating any burden to the environment


  • Polyurethane, insulating materials of all kinds
  • Solvents, adhesives, plasticisers
  • Flooring materials, tar products, epoxy resin
  • Cooling lubricants, emulsions
  • Food industry
  • And much more

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